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We are willing to sale our research chemicals product to you if you are serious and prospect buyer and capable to establish long term business relationship with any interested buyers of research chemical and pharmaceutical Intermediates. A-PPP BK-EBDP BK-2C-B 4-CL-PVP 2-NMC 4-CEC 4-EMC 4-MPD 3-MEO-PCP DIBUTYLONE FUB-AMB TH-PVP 4F-PHP NM-2201 MMBC MDPHP MDMB-FUBINACA MEXEDRONE HEX-EN U-47700 U-49900 ADB-FUBINACA 5-METHYLETHYLONE 5MAPBI 5F-PCN 5F-ADB 5F-AEB SDB-005 Other
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Greetings to you all in the name of God almighty........ My name is Mrs Vivian Ebora from united kingdom london,i am blessed with two lovely kids(A boy and a girl(Martin and Brenda),i currently lost my husband in a fatal auto car accident which made me a single mom and a widow today,my husband left behind so much properties and as a single mum now i will be so busy running his business and managing other properties,I need a honest and caring Nanny,Au pair to take good care of my two kids whenever i am not around.My kids are easy going,God fearing and friendly with strangers so their Nanny/Au pair will not have any problem taking care of them.I need a driver, house keeper,home nurse,security guard in my home.Having English as a basic language is not necessary. I shall offer my kids nanny,Au pair,driver,housekeeper,home nurse,security guards good salaries and allowance and i shall pay my workers on weekly basis.i will give free accommodation,free foods to all my workers.i shall discuss about travel arrangements with any serious applicant during our conversation. SALARIES/ALLOWANCE: NANNY:-1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. HOUSEKEEPER:- 1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. HOME NURSE:- 1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. DRIVER:- 1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. AU PAIR:- 1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. SECURITY GUARDS:- 1000POUNDS,WEEKLY ALLOWANCE:- 120POUNDS. For immediate employment processing Interested and serious applicants should contact me with their updated cv/resume to my personal email address: God Bless You All, Mrs Vivian Ebora. +447087627366 Other
114 days ago
20,000,000.00 Le
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