Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Some Common Frequently Asked Questions are written below:


Q. Is it free to create a Bigmakit Account ?

A. Yes, you can now create an account on Bigmakit, absolutely free of cost


Q. Can i post an Ad on Bigmakit for Free ?

A. Yes, you can post a Free Ad on Bigmakit, which we will market for you.


Q. Do I need to Register with Bigmakit to post my free Ad?

A. Yes, you can post a Free Ad on Bigmakit only after Registration.


 Q. What are the steps for registration on Bigmakit?

 A. Click on "Register" link on top of the page. Once you register yourself, a verification link will be sent on your email id. Click on the verification link and your registration will be done. You can then Login to Bigmakit with your email id and passward.


Q. Can i see the replies to my Ads on Bigmakit?

A. Yes, you can see all replies to your Ads. After Login, select "Manage My Ads" Link on top of the page. You will find a list of Ads posted by you. Each Ad will show the number of replies and all the replies will be visible when you click on that number.










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